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The Forgica Double Edge Shaving Set contains a Forgica Barber Pole Double Edge Razor and a pack of Derby Double Edge Blades (50) housed in a stylish magnetic black razor case. The tools are made to the highest quality and would make a fine gift. Made by Forgica and covered by a 2 Year USA Warranty.

Number of Pieces – 3-Pieces

Adjustable or Fixed Blade Gap – Fixed Blade Gap

Open or Closed Comb Head – Closed Comb

Straight or Slanted Cut Razor – Straight Cut

The Handle – Japenese Stainless Steel

Finish / Colors / Model Number – Polished Chromed / FG-CRM-384

Overall Weight – 89 g / 3.1 Oz

Overall Length – 101 mm / 4 in

Handle Length – 101 mm / 4 in

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